H¡gh level of r¡sk. Your account has been hacked. Change yøur passwørd.

H¡gh level of r¡sk. Your account has been hacked. Change yøur passwørd.

I am sorry =
to inform you that your device was compromised.

I’ll explain what led to all of this. I have used a Zero Day =
vulnerability with a special code to infect your device through a =
This is a complicated software that requires precise skills that I have. =
It works as a chain with specially crafted and unique code and =
that’s why this type of an attack can go undetected.
You only need one not patched vulnerability to be infected, and =
unfortunately for you – it works that simple.

You were not targeted specifically, but just became one of the quite a =
few unlucky people who got hacked that day.
All of this happened a few month ago. So I’ve had time to collect =
information on you.

I think you already know what is going to happen next.
During that time, my software was quietly collecting information about =
your habits, websites that you visit, searches you do, texts you =
There is more to it, but I have listed a few reasons for you to =
understand how serious this is.

For you to clearly understand, my software controlled your camera and =
microphone as well and it was impossible for you to know about it.
It was just about right timing for me to get you privacy =

I’ve been waiting enough and have decided that it’s time to =
put an end to this.
So here is my offer. Let’s name this a “consulting =
fee” I need to delete the media content I have been =
Your privacy stays untouched, if I get the payment.
Otherwise, I will leak the most damaging content to your contacts and =
post it to a public tube for perverts to explore.

I understand how damaging this will be for you, and amount is not that =
big for you to keep your privacy.
Please dont blame me – we all have different ways of making a =

I have no intention of destroying your reputation or life, but only if I =
get paid.
I don’t care about you personally, that’s why you can be sure that =
all files I have and software on your device will be deleted immediately =
after I receive the transfer.
I only care about getting paid.

My modest consulting fee is 1650 US Dollars transferred in Bitcoin. =
Exchange rate at the time of the transfer.
You need to send that amount to this wallet: =

The fee is non negotiable, to be transferred within 2 business days.
We use Bitcoin to protect my identity.

Obviously do not try to ask for any help from anybody unless you want =
your privacy to violated.
I will monitor your every move until I get paid. If you keep your end of =
the agreement, you wont hear from me ever again.

Take care.

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