Hunt Inquiry From Boss Outfitting

Hunt Inquiry From Boss Outfitting


I am inquiring about doing a bison hunt about one year from now.

Do you have any availability left?

I have a few additional questions.

What is the typical bison that is taken? (bull, size, etc)

What is your success rate? Do you have any type of return offer if unsuccessful?

I would really like to take the chance at getting a wolf also. What is the success of this? If I shoot a bison could you offer wolf hunting after?

I would plan to drive (I live in Wisconsin, I would guess about 27 hours). I am unfamiliar with the export laws. Would I be able to take the hide and meat back in my truck with me or is there a wait period?

I am looking to secure a spot in the next week or two.


  (920) 248-6495
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