Hunt Inquiry From Boss Outfitting

Hunt Inquiry From Boss Outfitting


Your website's design is absolutely brilliant. The visuals really enhance your message and the content compels action. I've forwarded it to a few of my contacts who I think could benefit from your services. Many of our clients have also been noticing fluctuations in how their site is being found and used due to the Covid-19 pandemic – including attention gained from search, i.e. your SEO

That being said, when I was looking at your site, though, I noticed a mistake that may be negatively impacting you re: search engine optimization. During this time of uncertainty, we are encouraging all business website owners to take advantage of every opportunity when it comes to their SEO.

What I found should be a relatively simple fix. Would you like me to write it up so that you can share it with your web team? If this is a priority, I can also get on a call.

Tracy Oliver
Digital Marketing Manager
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