Re: Not reading my CSV File (Support Form)

Re: Not reading my CSV File (Support Form)

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=0A Hi Terance,

Thank you fo=
r contacting us.

Can you please create us an administrator login=
on your website so we can better investigate that issue?

make sure this new account has the email address set to and the role set t=
o Administrator when you create the user (by going to Users > Add New=

Once we have access, we might need to install some plugins to=
help us identify what’s going on:

Debug Bar plugin (GravityView logs deb=
ugging data that Debug Bar outputs)Gravity Forms Debug Add-on=
plugin (Useful for detecting conflicts with the current theme or other=
plugins)Sorry for the inconvenience.
=0A —
Toyin Alagbe

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his reply helpful?
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p;  Sort of   =
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=0A On Thu, Jan 1=
7, 2019 at 10:42 AM MST, Terance Boss <> wr=
ote:=0A=0A=09 =09=0A =
=0A =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A Summarize the i=
=0A =0A =0A =0A Not reading my CSV File =0A =0A =0A Related web page =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A =
Describe the issue =0A =
=0A =0A =0A=
I h=
ave tried many times to save and import my CSV file but nothing is worki=
ng. I cannot get this to read my CSV. when i add file, click import, i g=
et error “no file chosen”. Why isn’t it reading that this is a csv file?=
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What’s your name? =0A =0A=
=0A =0A =
e Boss
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What’s your email? =0A =0A =0A =
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GravityView Account Email =0A =0A =0A =
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GravityView Account Username =0A =
=0A =0A =0A bossman =0A =0A =0A =
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