Regarding Zoom Conference call

Regarding Zoom Conference call

In case =
you didn’t get the last email. Pay attention now.
You have used Zoom recently. And I have very unfortunate news for =
I’ll give you some background on what happened.

There was a zero day security vulnerability on Zoom app, that allowed me =
a full time access to your camera and some other metadata on your =
Basically, you were hacked.
And as you can imagine in your worst dreams, I have made a footage with =
you as a main actor.
Where you work on yourself (perform sex act to be clear). Having fun is =
ok with me, but is not ok with your reputation.

Please dont blame me or yourself for this. You couldn’t know that the =
camera was working.
I’m sure you don’t want to be the next Jeffrey Toobin and get =
embarrassed in front of all your friends, family and colleagues.
You should get this very clear, I will send this video to all your =
contacts if I dont get paid.
Are you wondering how I got your contacts and emails? Through the same =
exploit, zoom app allowed me to extract all sensitive info from your =

So here is what we will do. You pay me $2000 in bitcoin, and nothing of =
this will happen. You have 2 days to make the payment.
After I get the money, I will delete the footage and information about =
you. The amount is not negotiable.
Send 0.11 Bitcoin (less than 2k USD at the current exchange rate) to my =
wallet 15AKuZPGMkdrpTGJwb87tnaqSyp91JSeeB
Having trouble with buying bitcoin? Just google on how to buy it, it’s =
very easy to use and anonymous.
P.S. Don’t try to report this to the police, I use TOR and bitcoin can’t =
be traced. Do not email me back. If you do something stupid, I will =
distribute the video.
Good luck. Don’t stress.

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